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Take care of your physical and mental wellbeing by scheduling with Cocoon ♡

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While Cocoon Organiser is a paid app, the subscription is extremely affordable.

The developer wants the benefits of organising and self care to be available to everyone- whether as a daily necessity or as a fun treat. The Schedule section is always free ♡

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What You Can Do on Cocoon 

Cocoon Organiser allows you to take care of your physical and mental wellbeing by guiding you to focus on the aspects of everyday life which are important to your health and which give you the most joy.

Weekly Schedule

•Put down important dates and appointments in the week's overview.

•Write down your overall goals for the week.

•Plan each day of the week in detail, scheduling time for activities from the self-care, exercise, and meal plan sections. (you can then go to those sections to see your plans there in more detail).

Selfcare Planner

•Plan your skincare, haircare, spa day and grooming in the sections provided. 

•Plan your morning routine- dated if it changes daily, or undated if it is the same always- to have a calm and grounded day.

•Plan your night routine to help you wind down and encourage yourself to sleep early and have a peaceful sleep.

•Schedule other things that are important to you in the Miscellaneous section, such as routines for anxiety recovery, or even activities connected to your religion.

Exercise Planner

•Put down goals and things you would like to focus on in the overview section.

•If you have the same schedule everyday and it is simple, you can add that to the overview too.

•In the section for each day of the week, you can go into great detail.

Meal Planner

•Put down positive messages and nutrition goals for the week in the overview section.

•List ingredients you would like to focus on and choose your recipes from these (conversely you can list recipes you like and choose ingredients from them). This can inform your grocery shopping for the week!

•Go into as much detail as you like with planning your meals for each day.

•You can edit your plan/ check off boxes at the end of each day so you get an idea of what your diet looks like. 

Wardrobe Planner

•You can plan for events and trips and every day of the week, and even have your favourite outfits planned and ready. You have the option of going into great detail for a specific day in the 'Today' section.

•The inventory is great for trips and listing items which give you comfort or joy.

•The themes section is excellent for developing your own unique style and shopping more efficiently. Follow Cocoon on Instagram for tips on how best to use the Wardrobe section.

'Three Favourite Things' Process

•This section is meant to simply list 3 nice things you can think of in the moment. 

•It immediately soothes you and improves your mood.

•You can also use this section for anxiety relief by listing things you can see, hear, feel etc. 

•You can also recover from feelings of hopelessness if you practice this daily. It is very effective if you are able to go up to 12 things you like.



Try the first week for free

INR 200

For 1 Month

Equivalent prices adjusted for your region.

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GBP 2.29

EUR 2.69

INR 500

For 3 Months

Equivalent prices adjusted for your region.

USD 5.99

GBP 5.99

EUR 6.49

INR 1000

For 6 Months

Equivalent prices adjusted for your region.

USD 11.99

GBP 11.99

EUR 12.99

* These are approximate prices. Actual prices will vary (only very slightly) depending on the country and store.

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